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North Grounds Holding Co. (North Grounds) is a Delaware corporation that provides special purpose companies, independent directors and administrative services to businesses globally. North Grounds is wholly-owned by a charitable trust established for the benefit of a public university located in the United States, and as such, remains unaffiliated with any banking, manufacturing or service company that might compromise any of our clients’ objectives. Since North Grounds is controlled by a charitable trust with perpetual existence, clients can be assured of its longevity and the continued attention they will receive from North Grounds, regardless of the tenor of any particular transaction with which we may be involved. We primarily serve industrial companies, manufacturers, lenders, export credit agencies and the businesses that finance or provide management services to these enterprises. We commenced operations in 1996, at the request of the financing arm of a major airplane manufacturer, and since then have concluded transactions totaling over USD $6.0 billion with partners all over the globe.

We provide independent directors, bankruptcy-remote limited liability companies, bankruptcy-remote corporations, bankruptcy-remote partnerships, “U.S. citizen” directors for regulated industries like aviation and rail, and asset securitization services, administration and structuring. We also provide “orphan” entities to facilitate balance sheet management by removing low-yielding assets from a company’s balance sheet, thereby enhancing return on equity.

Our President is Frank D. Kittredge, Jr. who has been President of North Grounds since its inception. Mr. Kittredge is a skilled management consultant with 30+ years experience advising US healthcare leaders to develop and implement enterprise strategy, product line strategy, new ventures, facility solutions and stakeholder alignment. His clients include the major US hospitals with annual revenues of $500M to $3.0B. In addition, he has successfully founded two businesses, including acting as the Co-founder and President of North Grounds. He holds BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture and an MBA from Boston University. Mr. Kittredge is a Trustee and former Chair of UVA’s School of Architecture Foundation; a past trustee and chair of Foundation Communities of Austin, Texas; and a former director of Crane & Co., Inc. Dalton, Massachusetts.

North Grounds employs attorneys, certified public accountants and administrative staff in the conduct of its business. Please contact Mr. Kittredge directly for further details if you have any questions.

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